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Erwin, Graves & Associates is a Dallas based management consulting firm founded in 2001. The firm is primarily focused on emerging growth, financial services companies that are facing a short term yet critical “event”.

Our clients are entrepreneurial and lean, so they often lack sufficient management depth to confidently execute both their operating plan and a competing event. Erwin, Graves helps bridge the talent gap by briefly providing senior leadership at a key moment.

We are also a source of strategic capital when our industry experience and relationships can be leveraged.

Emerging growth companies are known for entrepreneurial, lean management. But running lean can quickly turn to exhaustion when special, one-time events divert management focus. Few young companies can afford the depth necessary to simultaneously run the business and address an unusual event.

Erwin, Graves & Associates provides management support and leadership to bridge a mission critical moment:

  • An IPO

  • An acquisition,

  • A delicate post-merger integration

  • A new product launch

  • The unexpected emergence of serious operating problems

  • A dispute between founders

  • The unexpected departure of a key employee

Working with outside directors or supporting the CEO, Erwin, Graves & Associates provide highly qualified executives who help bridge a significant event. Our managers have operated businesses, developed products, organized sales teams and set strategic or tactical direction. They know how to gain control in a rapidly changing situation. Our focus, judgment and support can free the CEO to run the company without sacrificing the event.

All the executives at Erwin, Graves have been senior leaders for many years. Most were CEO’s, COO’s or high level divisional managers at large U.S. companies. They have also operated in start-ups or small units that required a can-do, results oriented approach.

Assignments are limited to situations where intensive effort will achieve results within six months–usually the time required to bridge the “event”. While some projects take longer, the discipline of limited engagements create an appropriate sense of urgency and closure. It also draws a clear line between permanent management and our senior leaders.

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