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Every client is unique with distinctive circumstances and needs. Each assignment has a primary advisor who is backed by a small team of supporting executives. The teams are assembled to achieve specific business objectives with both operating and strategic consequences.

In most cases, our advisors will have years of management experience in the relevant industry. We do not conduct “Monday Morning” studies or provide detailed, written product to be handed over to the board. Instead we collaborate — frequently assuming operating roles or working side-by-side with senior executives who need temporary support.

Selected Engagements:
  • BanKCap Partners – Private equity fund start-up

  • First Private Bank – Start-up

  • Texas Capital bank – Equity Offering Advisory, M&A Advisory

  • XYZ Bank – FDIC Advisory Assignment

  • Atlantic Capital Bank – Governance Advisory

  • Aperion Group – Strategic direction, Operating Support

  • Detwiler, Mitchell & Company- Strategic Direction, Operating Support, Re-Start

  • DeviceFidelity – Start-up

  • Select Payment Processing- Operating Support, M&A Advisory

  • Healthy Advice Networks – Operating Support

  • Medaxion Inc: Start-up, Strategic Direction, Operating Support

  • Teakwood Capital: Private Equity Fund Start-up; Investment advisory

  • CrossFirst Bancshares: Advisory and Operating Support

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