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Our Purpose

Most executives know how critical events can quickly change the course of their company. Cyber-attacks, arbitrary regulatory actions, loss of a major customer – in these moments, confident leaders can turn to experienced guides who have walked in your shoes. Changing strategy, foreseeing pitfalls, or providing some quick bench strength can make a significant difference.

Such events are increasingly commonplace: A delicate post-merger integration. The retirement or dismissal of a senior leader. An IPO. The launch of a new venture. The emergence of serious operating problems.


Working with outside directors or supporting the CEO, Erwin, Graves & Associates provide highly qualified, seasoned executives who help bridge a significant challenge.


All the executives at Erwin, Graves & Associates have been senior corporate leaders for many years. Most were CEO’s, COO’s or senior divisional manager’s at large U.S. companies.

Assignments are limited to situations where intensive effort will achieve results within six months–usually the time required to bridge the “event”. While some projects take longer, the discipline of limited engagements create an appropriate sense of urgency and closure.

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